Sunday, March 13, 2011


Ok after two posts ago being so emo I have developed a lot of my self

I'm looking at film opportunities on craigslist, thinking of some self projects for the summer like rekindling my steam punk fashion line and a few other ideas like getting to a convention PAX's !!!!!!!

I've opened a plenty of fish account selfishly to get a self esteem boost when I think I'm unlovable >.> I know horrible right but yeah

I also have been having a hard time with some friends for a while, I contact them and never hear from them and them I'm expected to keep trying? is it really a friend ship if its only one way and I have talked about it and I have been the one dealing with stuff. I made an effort to do something nice for one of these friends but they couldn't except it. I have revieved some kindness from them in the past but nothing that out dose some of the shitty things they do that is inexcusable in so many ways. but thats the only thing thats super negative in my life at the moment I think out side of school and my fing crazy teachers ug can't wait for second year and awesome teachers

been brain storming more for my punk musical and I wish I had thought of it earlier but I should have picked Labyrinth !!! darn it

thats all for nows <3 cause Im utterly tired

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