Monday, January 24, 2011


I think I have a taco obsession, its only day 2 though so I’ll wait and see. (going to get tacos again this time from the taco bell in the mall, hoping not to spill my Diet Cola this time.

I tend to forget o wear my glasses when reading and working on the computer which leads to headaches, I only got my glasses last year in my first semester. I think my body is already starting to fail me after pushing it so hard for 3 very intense cosplay years [ I’ve cosplayed for more just I was the only stitcher ( tehehehe technical terms) cutter, and well all around costume supervisor ]for the construction of anywhere from 9+ costumes, I’ve had around 20-25 costumes once with commissions. But yes I think its catching up to me cause I use wrists braces when doing most my work as well as now I have glasses and a giant bottle of Motrin good for almost all my aches and pains.

Today in dye class I did some tests with some break down tools and schmutz and schmutes ( saying those words makes me giggle)

It’s a rainy day which I love and am much more productive during, but I cradled my diet Pepsi ( I know it’s worse but I’m cutting out sugar) and tacos all the way home, there’s a small park on the route home today it was FULL of crows and a few seagulls so I held them even closer for fear they would attack. It’s like the Bermuda triangle of weird there’s always random clothes laying on the benches and a purse and back pack its always sooo creepy and I hate walking through it late at night

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