Sunday, January 23, 2011

Semester 2 week 3

So I have another blog confessions of a cospalyer but I wanted to post about my life in general so I opened this one as a side to that though I haven't posted on it for a while >.>.

Im in costuming for stage and screen right now at Capilano and I'm in week 3 as of tomorrow, right now I'm working on my early couturier report, I choose Coco Chanel <3 I like her as well as I want to get a head on things because I'm going to be super busy starting next month and don't want to make it harder on my self then need be. I will be doing a report on Alexander McQueen as well for my modern Designer.

Tomorrow I have Dye class <3 we had a blood work shop last week how to and what its like on set etc. I think were going to start on break down tomorrow not sure though. Did you know that dyeing is probably one of the biggest jobs for costumes on any show or film? almost everything needs to get dyed or a technical term is "teched" so it registers better on camera. I'll share lots with you if I'm able to keep up with this >.>

I think I'll try doing my journals on the bus in the morning with my net book ( its a hour by bus >.>) so I have little to no excuse other then I'm lazy :P

PB out

Realistic no ? I used Reel old blood (thats the name) and coffee grinds !

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