Monday, January 24, 2011


OK so I'm not a genius or even moderately tolerable when it comes to spelling and grammar, but if you find what I'm trying to get across with my words some what entrusting I hope you enjoy other wise keep it to your self SMART ASS not all of us are blessed with the same skills and mine are with fabric not words. I'll try and double check my blurbs before posting ( which is my biggest problem not double checking my writing)

I had something to say other then what I said above, but now I forgot now lack oh sleep and 7 going on 8 days straight technically I had a day "off" last saturday when I called in sick so... so yeah not much of a day off. So not including that day I have been going for 18 days and counting any who I got my Chanel right up done and the lovely Jordan will spell check and grammar check for me in the next couple days. Maybe I'll share it with everyone ???

(i'll included a image of something I've made or designed with every post <3)

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