Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So I've been stressing my self out with school to the point of head aches, later periods, back problems, and health problems

I know I said I want to be a costume designer no matter what, but I don't want to be a power woman, I love designing and sewing and working hard but it's not making me happy right now the down sides of the film industry are really weighing heavy on my heart . There are so many statistics about being divorced dieing early, no time for friends and family well on a movie. I need my personal life I need my friends and loved ones away from the industry to keep me saine. Not only that I want to be successful and happy and I can't be happy without the people I love. Yes I need to make sacrifices yes its hard yeah yeah, but some times its to much and I think it might be. I can still use my education to do something I love but I don't know if I want this any more

I see the people that are obsessed with their jobs putting them first before everything, they're loved ones are bitter and unhappy making them unhappy. I'm just letting some thoughts out right now

Home sick cause I woke up in to much pain took a large dose of pain meds time for more rest Ill rant more later

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